5 popular identity theft protection services

5 popular identity theft protection services

Identity theft is one of the most common crimes that are rising in recent times. Significant data breaches have been hitting many people over the last few years. This has led to increasing cases of falsely using a person’s name and other private information to apply for a mortgage. To avoid such situations, it has become imperative to protect identity-related information. Here are a few popular and best identity theft protection services to manage and protect identity.

LifeLock offers a range of identity theft protection services such as ID verification monitoring, stolen wallet protection, checking/savings account application alerts, and home title monitoring. The services also include SSN and credit alerts, alerts on suspicious activity, dark web monitoring, credit card activity, as well as fraud alerts. These services usually start from around $9 a month and can go up to $26 a month in the first year of subscription.

Identity Guard
Identity Guard utilizes IBM artificial intelligence capability to offer advanced credit monitoring and identity theft protection. In addition, its services also include theft prevention and identity recovery assistance. One of the most notable features of this identity theft service is that it has identity theft insurance up to $1 million. Along with individual plans, Identity Guard also offers family plans.

IdentityForce offers a wide range of identity theft services across two tiers. Customers can choose between UltraSecure and UltraSecure+Credit. The services on offer include monitoring credit information, checking public information records for address changes, monitoring court and arrest records, checking payday loan applications, and checking for identity information on illegal identity-sharing websites. In addition, it monitors registries of sex offenders to rule out any illegal use of identity along with tracking SSNs.

ReliaShield Elite
ReliaShield Elite offers protection and monitoring in different major domains that identify thieves who usually target: dark web, bank account, and credit accounts. The most notable feature is the 100% recovery success rate for anyone who faces identity theft issues. In addition, their 24/7 customer service is prompt in assisting services associated with identity recovery.

IDShield is an identity theft protection service offered by the Oklahoma law group LegalShield. This identity theft service provider is well-known for the family plans that it offers. In addition, it is quite popular with the $5 million ID theft coverage that it provides. Some notable services on offer include identity theft prevention, credit monitoring, and identity recovery assistance.

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