7 things to do before buying a Dodge vehicle

7 things to do before buying a Dodge vehicle

Dodge is one of the most reputed and desirable vehicle brands around the globe. The brand’s glorious history, aggressive design philosophy, and serious sporting credentials make Dodge vehicles just as incredible to own as putting their posters up on one’s bedroom walls. In short, owning Dodge cars is a petrolhead’s dream. If one is lucky enough to buy and own a Dodge, one needs to consider a few things before putting their money on one.

Finalize the vehicle type and specifications
Dodge’s vehicle catalog gives prospective buyers an endless array of vehicles, specifications, and features list. Unsurprisingly, one may find themselves lost in such a diverse variety of options and combinations. Dodge manufactures trucks, passenger cars, SUVs, sportscars, muscle cars, and vans. The trucks and vans are manufactured under the RAM department of the company, while the SRT division builds sporty cars like the Durango, Challenger, and Charger.

This problem may seem innocuous initially, but the number of options on the table often scrambles buyers’ brains and leads them to make incorrect decisions. The one way for customers to clear their heads is to sift through Dodge’s website beforehand to check out all their models and make the final choice.

Verify the available insurance options
While this point is applicable to all kinds of brands and vehicles, it is particularly vital for Dodge’s cars, SUVs, and vans. Many buyers prefer Dodge for their sportscars or muscle cars, both of which come with high insurance rates due to their color, carbon emissions, traffic citation frequency, and similar other factors. This is why one needs to carefully check the insurance options that come with their Dodge to cover the high repair costs and other massive expenses associated with the premium vehicle.

One can ask their local Dodge dealers if they have tie-ins with insurance provider companies. That will enable them to negotiate and find the insurance policies with the most optimized premiums for their Dodge cars. This makes the entire process of purchasing Dodge cars and the brand’s other vehicles much easier and beneficial for prospective buyers when they visit local Dodge dealers.

Choose the powertrain options as per requirements
As is the case with model types and specifications, Dodge cars come with numerous engine specifications too. For instance, one can buy Dodge cars with petrol engines, diesel engines, electric powertrains, or a few other options. With such an array of engine options at one’s disposal, people need to make decisions based on their daily requirements. For instance, if one commutes long distances to get to work in their Dodge car daily, the electric motors, diesel-powered engines, or small-sized petrol engines will do just fine and save some fuel money due to their superior mileage compared to the bigger, more powerful, and sportier engines.

Evaluate the safety equipment on the vehicle
Safety is a key aspect of vehicles. It is also an overlooked attribute on several occasions. However, one needs to check the safety and active driver assistance systems available on their vehicle before purchasing it. Consumers can do this by checking the crash test reports and safety evaluation results from credible sources regarding the vehicle they are about to purchase.

Some of the more credible crash testing and safety analysis of vehicles is done by the federal government and the insurance industry. Apart from the standard equipment like Anti-lock Braking Systems (ABS) and airbags, buyers must check if the car they are about to buy has Forward Collision Warning (FCW), Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB), Pedestrian detection, blind spot monitoring (BSW), and other crash-avoidance technologies in their future vehicle. If some of these options are not available, it is safe not to buy that particular Dodge car.

Check seating space and cargo capacity
Dodge SUVs and other heavy-duty vehicles are hot properties in the market. Buyers admire the sheer nature and day-to-day practicality of these vehicles. Their off-roading abilities are also a big reason for their immense popularity.

While purchasing Dodge SUVs and trucks, one needs to check out how many people they can seat comfortably. SUVs generally carry up to five passengers. Certain mid-sized SUVs, like the Durango, and full-sized ones may offer more passenger space too. For instance, certain Dodge full-sized SUVs also offer a third row of seats for passengers. Based on one’s requirements and family size, one can select the vehicle that offers them the most space for the most comparatively reasonable price.

The space evaluation extends to luggage storage too. One needs to check Dodge’s catalog to see which car in the segment they are about to purchase offers them the most cargo space and flexibility.

Check ground clearance for sports cars and muscle cars
Dodge’s sports and muscle cars are low-slung, giving them an aerodynamic advantage on the road. However, in case one is spending money on these vehicles, buyers need to check the ground clearance of such vehicles. If the places they stay in have less-than-perfect roads, then cars with low ground clearance will scrape their underbelly on the road often while being driven. Therefore, one needs to ensure that their Dodge cars have enough ground clearance.

Check the whereabouts of the nearest Dodge service station
After one purchase a Dodge, they will visit their nearest local Dodge service station for repairs or updates. Before buying one, buyers need to check the location and time to get to such nearby service stations. Knowing this makes it easier to head to a service station whenever their Dodge needs a quick repair, an engine oil change, or a tire replacement.

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