9 easy lawn care hacks to save time

9 easy lawn care hacks to save time

A lush green lawn forms an excellent first impression of a home in the eyes of guests and visitors. It also performs several practical functions, such as erosion prevention, flood control, and air cooling during summer. However, caring for and maintaining the lawn is essential for reaping these benefits. Lawn maintenance need not be a cumbersome task. Here are a few clever lawn care hacks to save you time and effort.

Replace the traditional lawn mower with a mulching one
Traditional lawn mowers toss mulch onto the lawn or into a bag, where the waste accumulates until disposed of. In contrast, mulching mowers cut the grass blades finely and deposit them back onto the surface, which helps keep the lawn moist. They also offer a hassle-free and efficient waste-disposal solution, saving you time.

Use basic kitchen ingredients for pest and weed control
The solutions to pest and weed control lie in your kitchen! It might be hard to believe, but simple ingredients can save you time and money while being highly effective in protecting your lawn. For example, a solution of white vinegar mixed with a cup of salt and a tablespoon of liquid dishwashing detergent can curb the growth of weeds. Alternatively, you may sprinkle some salt on weed-prone areas or pour boiling water over the weeds to destroy them. Corn gluten meal is commonly used to prevent crabgrass from growing in lawns. Furthermore, coffee grounds may be sprinkled across the lawn to ward off pests instantly. Placing plastic forks and cutlery in the garden may also deter pests.

Prepare compost at home
Compost can considerably increase the nutritional value of the soil and the quality of plants and crops grown on the lawn. It can also reduce the need to spray excessive fertilizers on plants. While many purchase compost from stores, you can create it at home by installing a compost bin. All you have to do is add biodegradable waste to this bin. It could be fruit and vegetable peels, paper, grass blades and clippings, coffee grounds, or even sawdust. The bin will turn the waste into mulch for your lawn over time. As a result, you save time disposing of waste and the money you would spend on purchasing compost.

Sharpen mower blades
Sharp mower blades reduce the number of attempts taken before the grass is mowed. It is among the most clever lawn care hacks that can save you considerable time and effort and ensure effective lawn maintenance.

Seek professional help when required
Caring for the lawn is a time-consuming, albeit rewarding, process. If you are preoccupied with work or household chores, hire a professional to maintain the lawn rather than neglect the space. Although professional lawn care services may require you to spend a certain amount, it is a better choice than leaving the lawn unattended for long periods.

Spread a bed sheet over plants for frost protection
Many homeowners bring potted plants indoors during frost. If you find it challenging to accommodate plants indoors due to space crunch, cover them with a blanket or bed sheet. But use this technique only during severe frost, as the lawn’s visual appeal may be lost if constantly concealed. Alternatively, you can cover plants with Styrofoam cups. It is a popular frost-protection technique used in certain parts of the country. Use this hack in less windy conditions, as these cups may not be resilient to winds.

Avoid overwatering plants
Like underwatering can deprive plants of essential nutrition and stunt their growth, overwatering can also harm their development. It can cause the leaves to turn yellow and lead to stunted plant growth, requiring significant effort to rectify later. Of course, overwatering could also increase your water bill. An inch of water every week is sufficient for lawn grass to thrive.

Use a thick layer of newspaper to destroy weeds
A quick hack to eliminate weeds at their incipient stages is to destroy them with a thick layer of newspaper. Moisten the newspaper and position it over the weeds so no sunlight seeps in. The weeds should be successfully destroyed within two weeks. This technique is time-saving, as you need not wait till the weeds grow to destroy them.

Use drip irrigation
Drip irrigation is an effective method to conserve water and ensure regular watering even when you are away from home. It does away with the need to find someone to tend to the lawn in such situations. Drip irrigation systems are also affordable and easy to install. They supply water directly to the roots, ensuring healthy growth.

Besides following these clever lawn care hacks, knowing the best practices for effective lawn maintenance is essential. For example, lawn grass requires intermittent deep watering. Shallow watering or watering at extremely frequent intervals can give rise to plant diseases and stunted growth. Fertilizers should also be used only as much as required (preferably natural and DIY fertilizer feeds). Finally, opting for professional lawn-mowing services is a good idea if you are a novice or require help maintaining your lawn or garden.

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