Most Innovative Wearable Technology Devices that are Worth their Price

Most Innovative Wearable Technology Devices that are Worth their Price

Wearable technology has become a very big business especially because people have become more aware of how important certain devices are for their daily life and security. With the development of science and technology, we have some of the best brands making some of the best gadgets for our entertainment and safety! Here are 4 extremely innovative wearable technology gadgets that you need to get your hands on:

Upright Go
Upright Go is a wearable technology device specially designed for people who suffer from neck and back problems due to bad posture during sitting, bending, and walking. Upright has a range of products that are one of a kind posture wearable that can be directly put on the back. This way, they give a precise assessment and measurement of your posture. This has been designed under the guidance of chiropractors and surgeons, which is how this product is extremely accurate with its measurements. You have to stick this device directly on to your back using re-usable hypo-allergenic hydrogel adhesives that stick to your back easily and stay in place all day. The product has a slight vibration when your posture slouches even a little bit, which is a constant reminder to keep your back in the perfect position daily. Through regular usage, it improves your posture with its personalized training program. You can also track your movements through the app on your smartphone to check your posture streak through the day!

Muse – The Brain-Sensing Headband
This is one of the most innovative wearable technology gadgets out there in the market. It basically acts as your personal meditation assistant, helping you remain calm throughout the day. When you put on the Muse headband and your earbuds, on starting the app you instantly hear the sounds of nature such as birds chirping, rainforests, waterfalls, and waves. This helps you to instantly calm your nerves and relax your mind. When you are calm, the headband plays calm weather sounds but as soon as your mind starts to wander, and you get tensed, the weather will intensify into thunder, lightning and so on. This is a reminder to get back to your calm state of mind. You can also review your record after each session and build goals that you wish to achieve. This is great for people suffering from anxiety as well.

Athena is a wearable safety device that you can easily clip on to the inside of your jacket, your jeans pocket, or even your dress belt and your necklace! This wearable technology is designed keeping in mind the safety of your loved ones. The personal safety alarm, when clicked, sends your live GPS location to your emergency contacts along with a high-frequency alarm. If you press it three times, it sends an urgent distress signal to notify your contacts of the gravity of your urgency such as accident, heart attack, robbery, kidnapping, etc. It is specially designed to prevent accidental activation keeping in mind the hectic schedules of working people. It pairs with the Bluetooth of your smartphone. The micro-USB rechargeable battery lasts a good 2 weeks on a single charge, making it extremely convenient as well!

Owlet Smart Sock Baby Monitor
This piece of wearable technology is designed for newborn babies to monitor a baby’s heart rate and oxygen levels. In case there is a major drop in the readings, the parents are immediately notified. The sock is made out of cotton and is extremely soft to avoid any rashes on the baby’s delicate skin. You need to download the app onto your smartphone and tabs and connect the Owlet device via Bluetooth. The kit comes with 3 cotton socks with the inbuilt “Smart Sock Sensor” along with a base station. The sock fits babies up to 18 months of age as well so won’t have to worry about your baby growing out of the sock sizes!

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